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Distraction-free comic script editor for Mac.

Don't worry about numbering pages and panels. Forget about switching between headings, action, characters and dialog. Just write and let Superscribe handle the formatting.

The superscript syntax was inspired by markdown and fountain. One hashtag creates a page heading. Two hashtags create a panel heading. Superscribe inserts the page and panel numbers automatically, as you type.

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Simple scorekeeper app for Android and iOS.

Starting a card game but you don't have pen and paper? Maybe you're too drunk to add numbers. Keep this on your phone just in case.

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Yet another node task runner.

Simple library for compiling your front-end files. There's no messy configuration like with Grunt and no awkward conventions like with Gulp. No plugins required to get your favorite precompilers to work. Just write plain Javascript. You can handle files using streams, promises or plain strings. However your precompiler works, Genome can handle it.


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