Spicing up the web for over 10 years.

Web Design & Development

Over 10 years of web design and development experience.

Brattle Entertainment Website

Brattle Entertainment

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Dan Crohn Website

Dan Crohn

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“Justin set up my entire website in no time at all. I trusted his creative decisions and he was able to put together exactly what I was looking for. It was so exciting seeing the step by step process as Justin paid amazing attention to detail. I highly recommend his website work to anyone.” - Dan Crohn
“Justin Silva took my ideas for a website and made them even better than I had imagined. His ability to implement the latest trends and technologies made it so my website was fresh and current.... Thanks Justin!” - Matt Donaher
Chris Pennie Website

Chris Pennie

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Popular Music Website

Popular Music

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Joe Wong Website

Joe Wong

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“Justin has proven to me over and over his outstanding web publishing skills. He has done a wonderful job creating several websites for us and has not met a challenge he couldn't beat. I have personally assigned several tasks that other web publishers referred to as being too complicated or unattainable.” - Bruce Bennett (The CD Recycling Center)

Cartooning and Illustration

Perfectly Frank

Perfectly Frank

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Friends I Hate Poster
I make posters too, occasionally
Matt Donaher Cartoons

Matt Donaher's Cartoons

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Justin Paul Silva

If you have a project for me or just a cool idea, email me at justin at this domain